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Toots for Books exists to develop and promote literacy learning programs that provide at risk youth and adults with basic education, college enrollment assistance and job training through quality partnerships to enhance the student opportunity and community success. 

Professionalism, Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Commitment

The vision of TFB is to be the premier  pro literacy organization that addresses the immediate need of those who wish to enhance their lives for the purpose of becoming productive members in their families and communities.

Toots for Books is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on human economic development and sustainability. It is geared towards eliminating childhood low literacy, crime and poverty by focusing on reading comprehension.  College scholarships are awarded to high school seniors, books are donated to various daycare centers, after-school programs,  libraries, summer camps and schools.  Toots for Books fuels children to read and take control of their future through the utilization of their imagination which is expanded by continuous reading.


Low literacy is a global crisis that affects all of us.  That's why it's so important to understand the issues and confront the facts head on.  Only then can we can stand together to fight for change.  Toots for Books mission is to help address our community’s socioeconomic problems by building a more literate population.  When children learn how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers, they are more likely to obtain higher education, lift themselves out of poverty, contribute to improved health care costs, and find and keep sustainable employment. 


Toots for Books is dedicated to researching and utilizing local and national statistics to understand the dire need of school aged children in our community and beyond.  We are committed to providing literacy programs, books, housing and financial aid to students in need of assistance.  Toots for Books gives students reading materials, and incentives for reading and writing essays, to encourage them to increase their literacy skills, which are the fundamentals of success and directly related to individuals who are more likely to become productive contributors of their community. Toots for Books approaches literacy holistically including but not limited to financial literacy, health literacy, and social and emotional learning skills in addition to reading comprehension.

Hey Students!

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All students deserve a chance beyond the challenges they've had and mistakes they've made. By donating, those funds will be used for scholarships, book stipends, housing, and tutoring. Help us better our future by making a donation to Toots for Books.


Toots for Books is dedicated to eliminating childhood illiteracy, crime and poverty by increasing literacy, education, and opportunities among socially and economically disadvantaged 16-23 year olds. We provide books or book stipends, tutoring, GED preparation, college preparation, scholarships, off campus student housing, job training and placement.

We want all of our CHAMPIONS to understand that entering our program means that you are making the commitment to abide by all of our rules and regulations which are as follows:


1. Learn and recite the CHAMPIONS creed

2. Pass the GED test

3. Enter college or technical school

4. Meet with tutor for at least 90 minutes per week (unless you maintain a 3.5gpa)

5. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8

6. Complete your program with a degree or certificate

7. Complete 60 hours of community service per year

8. Actively gain and maintain employment for 1 year upon college graduation

9. Bring out the CHAMPION inside of you!


Our Beyond the Challenge Program offers students an opportunity to achieve their goals in spite of challenges they may have had along the way. To apply download the application and email it to


TFB Beyond the Challenge Application (click the link below)

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